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We're producing our third season of: The Dr. Harold C. Deutsch: World War II History Round Table

The Round Table is now being broadcast nationally on PEG (Public, Education Government) stations accross the country. Thirteen stations across the country have picked up the program and we have potential viewership of 352,000 on Public, Education, Government stations across the country. If you want the Round Table shown in your area, contact us for details at:


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Upcoming Documentary film:

John H. Howe, Architect
Frank Lloyd Wright's Master of Perspective


image courtesy of: Northwest Architectural Archives

Almost unknown beyond Taliesin's inner-circle, John "Jack" Howe was one of Frank Lloyd Wright's first students in 1932 and worked at the great master's side for 27 years.

Quickly recognizing his talent, Mr. Wright promoted him to chief draftsman in 1937. There he remained as "the pencil in my hand", running the design studio and sharing a drafting table with him, during Wright's most prolific period. In realizing Wright's designs, Howe is in many cases the real hand "where graphite meets paper" in drawing some of the best known architecture from the 20th Century: Fallingwater, the Johnson Wax Building, Unitarian Church, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Living in the shadow cast by Frank Lloyd Wright would be a daunting challenge to anyone. Yet, John Howe did it successfully with grace, dignity and his talent shined through.

By 1967, John and his wife Lu moved to the Minnesota, opening his own architectural practice nearby many of his clients of the time. Naturally, Mr. Howe's designs follow the principles of Organic Architecture, yet are distinctly his own reflections on: 'open floor plans', low-sheltering roofs, and interior spaces that flow horizontally. When Howe closed his architectural practice in 1993, he was clearly his own master at placing buildings at harmony with it's natural surroundings - integrating the outside as part of the living space inside.

Howe's story will be told by the people who knew him best: featuring interviews with Lu Howe, Taliesin Fellows, apprentices, friends and clients from the various eras during his career. Combined with photography of numerous buildings and of course, his drawings, which speak for themselves, will display his design and artistic talents beyond architecture.

Rick Wakeman, internationally known piano-master, is providing the soundtrack to this film.

Premiere is expected in September 2011.

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